You can now leave your laptop at home on the next lan party. The Xash3d Android Project made it possible to play the original Countrike 1.6 and Half Life 1 on your Android device. The installation is quite easy:

1) You need a working copy of Counterstrike.
2) Install the Client from
If you have multi-core device, choose APK with omp postfix.
If you have single-core device or you have problems with OMP version, choose APK with noomp postfix.
3) Install the latest client of Xash3D Android
4) Create xash folder on SDCard and copy cstrike and valve folders from your Steam CS1.6 installation in it.
5) Run CS16Client!

The touchscreen control is not the ideal setup for a real multiplayer match, but you can use keyboard and mouse over OTG if your phone/tablet supports it.