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What is a ManageSpaceActivity on Android?

A few days ago i had problems with an app and wanted to clear the app data. Usually you can do that under “Settings> Apps>”Name of the app” > STORAGE> CLEAR DATA” I don’t really remember why, but i clicked… Continue Reading →

Gradle: How to group Maven Repos in a list

In some of my Gradle based projects, i use libraries which have to be downloaded from many different Maven Repositories. To get a better overview of all used repos i wanted to group them in a list. Unfortunately it was… Continue Reading →

How to get started with Dagger 2 on Android

This is a small example on how to get started with Dagger 2. I will explain how to create a component that will provide an instance of an Retrofit Api. Please check out my example Github project If you have… Continue Reading →

Learn how to use LiveData

In this post i want explain what is LiveData and how you can use it. 1) What is LiveData LiveData is an observable data holder class. Unlike a regular observable, LiveData is lifecycle-aware, meaning it respects the lifecycle of other… Continue Reading →

Higher Order Functions in Kotlin

What is a Higher Order Function? A higher-order function is a function that can take other functions as parameters and returns other functions. How to create a Higher Order Function?

You can create a higher order function like any… Continue Reading →

How to use a SearchView with an empty query text submit

At the moment i’m working on an App with a search function. This alone is nothing special. Every second App has a search function. As a standard component the Android SDK offers the class SearchView. You can add an SearchView.OnQueryTextListener… Continue Reading →

Android LPT 1: Use variables in Gradle

In this post i want to explain you how i use Gradle variables to keep my buildscript clearer. DefaultConfig and Dependencies The problem

By default you add your dependencies under dependencies in your build.gradle . But the more dependencies… Continue Reading →

How to run a WebServer on Android

So i have an old Samsung Galaxy S2. And i was thinking about things i could do with it. And i thought, maybe i can try to create a litte home automation server on it. First thing i was looking… Continue Reading →

Android Studio: ADB Idea

Sometimes while developing you need to clear all your user data from your app. E.g when you want to test a fresh installation of your app. One way is to go to:

This is very annoying. Another way is to… Continue Reading →

How to create an Android Launcher App

What is a Launcher App? A Launcher app is the app that comes up when you press the home button or when you start your Android device. The main purpose of this app is to start other apps, but it… Continue Reading →

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