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How to use Retrofit

Two weeks ago i wrote an Android app with connection to a REST-API. As yet i used Volley for requests. But i finally took a look at Retrofit and i think i like it. In this post i want to… Continue reading →

Reverse Engineering Android Apps Part1 : Apktool

In this post i want to show you, how to reverse engineer Android apps with Apktool. Disclaimer : This guide is for educational purposes only. Copying/Reusing the decompiled code other than this example might be illegal. Please check the license… Continue reading →

How to play a mp4 file with Exoplayer

Attention: This post may be outdated. It explained Exoplayer v1.x. In v2.x there were many changes to the API. I updated my example mediaplayer app with controls Github page to Exoplayer 2. What is Exoplayer? A few weeks ago i… Continue reading →

F-Droid – Alternativer App-Store mit außschließlich freier Software

Eine kleine Alternative zum Google PlayStore ist der F-Droid Store In ihm findet man ausschließlich freie Software und man muss keinen Account erstellen. Aktuell sind rund 1500 Apps. Empfehlswerte Apps: AFWALL+

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