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How to create an Android Launcher App

What is a Launcher App? A Launcher app is the app that comes up when you press the home button or when you start your Android device. The main purpose of this app is to start other apps, but it… Continue reading →

RxJava: A short Introduction

This post is under construction In the last weeks i made a few experiments with RxJava in Android apps. In this post i want to give a short introduction to the main concepts of RxJava. What is RxJava? RxJava stands… Continue reading →

Xamarin.Forms: Customize ListView

In this post i want to show you how you can customize a Listview. I will create a ListView with different Layouts for the items.

Xamarin Forms: Call native code with DependencyService

Sometimes you need to use platform specific code in Xamarin Forms. To do this you can use DependencyService. In this example i want to show how you can call an Android specific mail intent.

Android Penetration Testing with QARK

In this post i want to show you how you can check your app against common security vulnerabilities with QARK (Quick Android Review Kit)

How to use Retrofit

Two weeks ago i wrote an Android app with connection to a REST-API. As yet i used Volley for requests. But i finally took a look at Retrofit and i think i like it. In this post i want to… Continue reading →

Reverse Engineering Android Apps Part1 : Apktool

In this post i want to show you, how to reverse engineer Android apps with Apktool. Disclaimer : This guide is for educational purposes only. Copying/Reusing the decompiled code other than this example might be illegal. Please check the license… Continue reading →

Fire in the Hole! How to play Counterstrike on Android

You can now leave your laptop at home on the next lan party. The Xash3d Android Project made it possible to play the original Countrike 1.6 and Half Life 1 on your Android device. The installation is quite easy: 1)… Continue reading →

How to play a mp4 file with Exoplayer

Attention: This post may be outdated. It explained Exoplayer v1.x. In v2.x there were many changes to the API. I updated my example mediaplayer app with controls Github page to Exoplayer 2. What is Exoplayer? A few weeks ago i… Continue reading →

F-Droid – Alternativer App-Store mit außschließlich freier Software

Eine kleine Alternative zum Google PlayStore ist der F-Droid Store In ihm findet man ausschließlich freie Software und man muss keinen Account erstellen. Aktuell sind rund 1500 Apps. Empfehlswerte Apps: AFWALL+

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